DSL Modem for Verizon High Speed Internet Access

Reseller #: GEU003AD3-06
Model #: GT701C for Verizon DSL
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This product is no longer available for sale.

Overview / Features

Actiontec's DSL Modem is a fully compatible Verizon DSL replacement modem that extends your home network in many exciting ways. With its full-rate modem and built-in router, you can network up to two computers and share your DSL connection, or, with an additional hub, add more devices (such as a PlayStation or a network attached storage device) to cover all your networking needs. The DSL Modem is perfect if you want to create a "do-it-yourself-network," with its integrated ease-of-use design and simple installation.

  • Full rate ADSL 2/2+ Modem
  • Tested and approved for Verizon DSL
  • Ethernet and USB LAN Ports
  • Includes Routing Capabilitities
  • Ideal starter modem