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Welcome to CrossTalk, a Telco-Broadband publication designed to provide you with timely, valuable information in a clear and simple format. Crosstalk strives to provide a centralized guide to the latest market research and technology advancements that allow our industry to stay competitive, reduce customer churn, and increase profitability. We will also provide updates on the latest developments here at Actiontec. We hope you enjoy this issue, and continue to look for our updates in the future. We also look forward to any feedback you may have on how we can make this newsletter more valuable to you.

Service Provider Yearly Earnings Reports
The CrossTalk blog has been reporting on the Earnings Releases for all major carriers. The blog has also created a one-page snapshot tracking the number of High Speed Internet subscribers for each carrier.
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Verizon Tops J.D. Power Again

The latest J.D. Power and Associates customer care survey ranks Verizon No. 1 in Customer Care Performance. Second, third and fourth place among the four largest carriers went to Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively. Virgin Mobile emerged victorious for customer care among non-contract providers. Interestingly, owners of 4G-enabled handsets contact their carrier considerably more than owners of less sophisticated devices, and each of these support calls takes five minutes longer than support calls involving the older phones.

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East Asia Leads in Fastest Advertised Broadband Speeds

According to an informal survey of advertised global broadband speeds conducted by IDG, East Asian countries boast some of the fastest advertised connections around, with four countries featuring at least one carrier claiming average download speeds of 100Mbps or higher. Hong Kong emerges as the leader, with advertised broadband upload/download speeds of 300Mbps. Other East Asian countries to feature 100Mbps download speeds are Taiwan, South Korea and Japan (Poland, Germany and Canada are also in this club). Hong Kong's 300Mbps service costs just $40 a month and includes television service. In the United States, by contrast, 25Mbps Internet access runs around $75 per month, and doesn't include television.

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Park's Scrutinizes Digital Gaming Trends

Park's Associates has released a new whitepaper, titled "Trends in Digital Gaming: Free-to-Play, Social, and Mobile Games." In the report, the firm examines the impact of the latest generation of online games, particularly in the monetization options created by the new opportunities in mobile gaming. The digital distribution model of games is also investigated, along with the impact of the explosion of new gamers and the abundance of devices with which they can access videogames.

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Tablets, E-book Reader Sales Surge at End of 2011

Sales of tablet computers and e-book readers escalated during the 2011 holiday season, resulting in the share of adults who own at least one of the devices to rise from 10% to 19%. These results are based on a pre-holiday survey conducted among people age 16 and older between Nov. 16 and Dec. 21, and two surveys of adults age 18 and older administered in January 2012. The findings are notable, since during the period from mid-2011 into the autumn of the year, tablets and e-book ownership levels remained flat. It took the holiday season, along with lower-priced tablets such as Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble's Nook, to spur sales.

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PAY FOR Market Research

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Mobile Web Use Continues Steady Rise

According to analytics firm StatCounter, users accessing the Internet through mobile devices continue to rise, doubling every year since 2009. For instance, StatCounter finds that current global Internet usage with mobile devices reached 8.5%, nearly double the 4.3% level of 2011. This statistic, however, comes with an important caveat: only cellphones were tabulated; tablets were not included in the mix. Furthermore, the worldwide leader in mobile Web use was Nokia, with nearly 40%, much of it coming from emerging markets such as India. A strong #2 contender is Apple; the iPhone manufacturer, while trailing Nokia worldwide, leads in use in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Infonetics Surveys Broadband Operators about Home Automation

Infonetics Research surveyed broadband operators who are deploying home automation or home control services about the types of services they plan to offer now and in the future, home monitoring equipment suppliers they buy from now and are evaluating for future purchases, and who they perceive of as the top suppliers in the field.

The results make up the bulk of "Home Automation Service Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey," an in-depth look into the latest trends in home automation. Highlights include:

  • The top reasons broadband providers are deploying home automation services are to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and reduce subscriber churn
  • Home security service is the most popular home control service offered currently and will remain a top home automation service
  • Monitoring of appliances and monitoring of whole home energy usage will see the biggest growth among home automation services between now and 2013

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Upcoming Events

2012-03-19 BMMA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (Mar 19-20)

2012-03-20 OTTCON West (Over-the-Top TV & Video Conference) in San Jose, CA (Mar 20-21)

2012-03-20 Cable Next-Gen Broadband Strategies: Wideband, Wireless, PON & Beyond in Denver, CO

2012-03-21 ResearchFirst Broadband Services 2012 Seminar in Las Vegas, NV (Mar 21-23)

2012-04-01 NTCA 2012 Telecom Executive Forum in Boca Raton, FL (Apr 1-3)

2012-04-10 NTCA IP Possibilities Conference & Expo in Indianapolis, IN (April 10-12)

2012-04-14 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV (Apr 14-19)

2012-04-24 Broadband Communities Summit 12 in Dallas, TX (Apr 24-26)

2012-05-06 NTCA PR & Marketing Conference in Boston, MA (May 6-8)

2012-05-08 CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans (May 8-10)

2012-05-21 The Cable Show in Boston, MA (May 21-23)

2012-06-04 The 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto, Canada (June 4-6)

2012-06-05 Connections in Dallas, Texas (June 5-7)

2012-06-05 TIA 2012 in Dallas, Texas (June 5-7)

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