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Welcome to CrossTalk, a Telco-Broadband publication designed to provide you with timely, valuable information in a clear and simple format. Crosstalk strives to provide a centralized guide to the latest market research and technology advancements that allow our industry to stay competitive, reduce customer churn, and increase profitability. We will also provide updates on the latest developments here at Actiontec. We hope you enjoy this issue, and continue to look for our updates in the future. We also look forward to any feedback you may have on how we can make this newsletter more valuable to you.
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Ookla Says Cable Had Fastest Broadband Downloads

Cable operators delivered the fastest average broadband download speeds in 2011, according to data from independent testing firm Ookla. For the year, the six fastest domestic residential Internet service providers were Comcast, Charter Communications, Cablevision Systems, Time Warner Cable and Insight Communications. Ookla uses the Net Index service for its rankings, which has measured hundreds of millions of individual user tests through its Speedtest.net website. Comcast and Charter delivered average download speeds of 17.19 Megabits per second, followed by Cablevision at 16.40 Mbps, Cox at 15.76 Mbps, TWC at 14.41 Mbps and Insight at 14.22 Mbps.

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2012: Connected Devices Trends

The good folks at Pyramid Research have identified the trends they expect to see during 2012. These include:
  • Tablet sales rise and prices fall as focus shifts to international markets. This trend is expected to follow the lead of Amazon's Kindle Fire.
  • NFC-enable smartphones will see the rise expected in 2011. The slower-than-expected uptake will be bolstered by large MNOs launching commercial NFC services.
  • Emerging markets will make up 70% of mobile phone sales, especially the Chinese and Indian markets.
  • Apple will experience declining smartphone market share due to demand for inexpensive handsets.

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TDG Sees "TV Everywhere" In Heavy Use by 2016

To defend against over-the-top (OTT) broadband video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, incumbent PayTV operators are launching "TV Everywhere" or "TVE" services. These services allow subscribers to access the same channels they enjoy at home on their mobile devices. According to TDG's latest analysis, by 2016 more than 30 million households will use operator-provided TVE services to access their favorite video programs on their devices. As for TVE market dynamics, some major content providers may go it alone and sell direct-to-consumer (that is, without operator sanction), while others will attempt to extend existing carriage agreements to cover net-connected devices.

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Uninterruptable Power Sources (UPS) Key In Green IT Efforts

With green IT becoming an important goal for many IT vendors and users, uninterruptible power sources (UPS), which use built-in energy sources to supply power during grid power outages, need to fit into existing IT infrastructures to support vendors' green initiatives. According to Pike Research, these green trends, along with growth in emerging economies, will lead to a dramatic uptick in the UPS sector in the near future: the global market for UPS is set to expand from $8.2 billion in 2011 to $9.4 billion in 2012, and to $13.2 billion in 2015. Next-gen UPS systems are expected to feature built-in energy sources such as compressed air or flywheels, alongside traditional batteries, to provide clean power over periods from just a few seconds to several hours.

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Women's Digital Media Activities Surge in 2011

Women's digital media habits overtook men's last year, according to Parks Associates. The firm's new report, "Consumer Decision Process," finds that women share more content online and download more movies and music, and also notes that women are 73% more likely than men to have watched a full-length TV show online in the past 30 days.

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Upcoming Events

2012-02-01 IT Expo East 2012 in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 4GWE Conference in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 M2M Evolution Conference in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 Super WiFi Summit East 2012 in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 Cloud Communications Expo in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-12 NTCA 2012 Annual Meeting and Expo in San Diego, CA (Feb 12-15)

2012-02-13 Carrier Cloud Forum in Santa Clara, CA (Feb 13)

2012-02-28 Smart Energy Summit in Austin, TX (Feb 28 - Mar 1)

2012-03-13 OTTCON West (Over-the-Top TV & Video Conference) in San Jose, CA (Mar 13-14)

2012-03-19 BMMA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (Mar 19-20)

2012-03-20 Cable Next-Gen Broadband Strategies: Wideband, Wireless, PON & Beyond in Denver, CO

2012-03-21 ResearchFirst Broadband Services 2012 Seminar in Las Vegas, NV (Mar 21-23)

2012-04-01 NTCA 2012 Telecom Executive Forum in Boca Raton, FL (Apr 1-3)

2012-04-10 NTCA IP Possibilities Conference & Expo in Indianapolis, IN (April 10-12)

2012-04-14 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV (Apr 14-19)

2012-04-24 Broadband Communities Summit 12 in Dallas, TX (Apr 24-26)

2012-05-06 NTCA PR & Marketing Conference in Boston, MA (May 6-8)

2012-05-08 CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans (May 8-10)

2012-05-21 The Cable Show in Boston, MA (May 21-23)

2012-06-04 The 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto, Canada (June 4-6)

2012-06-05 Connections in Dallas, Texas (June 5-7)

2012-06-05 TIA 2012 in Dallas, Texas (June 5-7)

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