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Welcome to CrossTalk, a Telco-Broadband publication designed to provide you with timely, valuable information in a clear and simple format. Crosstalk strives to provide a centralized guide to the latest market research and technology advancements that allow our industry to stay competitive, reduce customer churn, and increase profitability. We will also provide updates on the latest developments here at Actiontec. We hope you enjoy this issue, and continue to look for our updates in the future. We also look forward to any feedback you may have on how we can make this newsletter more valuable to you.

Service Gateways and the Connected Home
Actiontec announced the release of another free whitepaper, "The Service Gateway… The Future of Connected Home Applications." With energy management and home automation applications becoming more and more prevalent, broadband providers need to differentiate their offerings to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. One way to do this is to offer a service gateway, a dedicated home network add-on device designed to manage a smart home's energy applications, home health monitors, and home automation, features that today's gateways and broadband routers don't support. Service gateways are also robust enough to handle any future application uses, so consumers need not worry about outgrowing their device.

To download this whitepaper (pdf), click here

Wi-Fi Direct: The Basics
Actiontec released a new whitepaper recently, this one giving a detailed overview of Wi-Fi Direct. Titled "An Industry Look at Wi-Fi Direct," the paper covers the salient points of the new standard from a perspective of the telecom industry, including applications and a market update. Wi-Fi Direct, for the uninitiated, allows devices to connect to one another directly without having to join a traditional network, and should be available as a software upgrade on Wi-Fi hardware devices. We recommend this whitepaper to anybody who needs to come up to speed quickly on the basics of Wi-Fi Direct.

To download this whitepaper (pdf), click here

FREE Market Research

Two New Pieces of Fresh Research

Two free-of-charge studies hit the web recently. The first, from Pew Internet, covers smartphone ownership. In it, Pew finds that over 1/3 of adult Americans own a smartphone, with particularly high levels of ownership in demographics such as well-educated, non-white, and 45 years-old or younger. Meanwhile, of those who own smartphones, 68% access the Internet or email on their phones on a daily basis.

The other study is from our old friends at the FCC and concerns the current state of wireless competition. While the report comes to no conclusion as to whether or not there is not enough or too much competition, it contains valuable information about the wireless industry as a whole, including smartphone penetration, the cost of voice minutes, and the number of smartphone apps. Also, lots of charts.

For more information, click here. Also, this url links to FCC.

Smartphone Adoption and Usage from Pew Research

This new study from Pew Internet, released recently, covers smartphone ownership. In it, Pew finds that over 1/3 of adult Americans own a smartphone, with particularly high levels of ownership in demographics such as well-educated, non-white, and 45 years-old or younger. Meanwhile, of those who own smartphones, 68% access the Internet or email on their phones on a daily basis. Additionally, fully 25% of those surveyed say that their main device for going on the Internet is their smartphone, rather than the traditional laptop or desktop computer (although 1/3 of these cellphone Internet users state that they lack a high-speed home broadband connection).

For more information, click here.

PAY FOR Market Research

Just a reminder: the following section highlights only some of the reports currently available. To get a full listing, click here.
Parks Releases Consumer Technical Support Study

Parks Associates released a new report recently, titled "Consumer Technical Support Services." The report is basically an overview of support offerings and their effect on companies' bottom lines, positively or negatively. Also included is a forecast of various technical support services through 2015. Some interesting sections include "Consumer Attitudes about Technology," "Television/Home Theater Set-up," and "Remote Tech Support Vendors." The report is priced at $3,200.

For more information, click here.

Broadband Subscribers Market Data from ABI Research

ABI released its biannual coverage of broadband subscribers recently. The study found, not unexpectedly, that fixed broadband subscribers continues to grow in 2011, along with Internet video users and online gamers. In response to the growing need for bandwidth, service providers are expanding fiber broadband coverage as quickly as they can. China Telecom, for instance, is planning to serve at least 30 million fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) subscribers in the next 3 to 4 years. While North America continues to lead in fiber optic broadband coverage, the Asia-Pacific region is seeing strong subscriber growth, with nearly 17 million new subscribers added since the Q2 2010. ABI believes this growth will continue as there remains low broadband penetration in the lucrative China and India markets.

For more information, click here.

Connected TVs Will Help Drive Big Changes in Video Services from Heavy Reading

Heavy Reading Insider posts, in its latest report, that connected TVs (aka smart TVs or Internet-enabled TVs) will play a large part in the ongoing drama of the living room wars. Sales of these types of TVs have picked recently, and their capabilities have broadened, with the potential for the continued expansion of services. Because of this, Heavy Reader feels that connected TVs are more important that other attempts to defeat the cable industry such as "over-the-top" devices such as Apple TV or Slingbox. The study also looks at the impact of connected televisions on the video services industry from the viewpoint of IPTV tech suppliers.

To purchase this report, click here.

Upcoming Events

2011-09-14 BMMA Fall Workshop in Vancouver (Sept 14-16)

2011-09-18 WTA's 2011 Fall Annual Meeting in Tuscon, AZ (Sep 18-21)

2011-09-25 NTCA Fall Conference in Seattle, WA (Sep 25-28)

2011-09-26 2011 FTTH Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL (Sept 26-30)

2011-09-27 Digital Home Summit in Orlando, FL (Sep 27-28)

2011-10-03 2011 Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas, TX (Oct 3-6)

2011-10-04 TVNext 2011 Conference in San Jose, CA (Oct 4-5)

2011-10-16 NTCA PR & Marketing Workshop in Minneapolis, MN (Oct 16-18)

2011-10-24 4G World 2011 Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL (Oct 24-27)

2011-10-25 TelcoTV 2011 in New Orleans, LA (Oct 25-27)

2011-11-08 LTE North America 2011 in Dallas, TX (Nov 8-9)

2011-11-08 HomePlug Technology Conference & Members Meeting in San Francisco, CA (Nov 8-10)

2011-11-30 Media Innovations Summit in Santa Clara, CA (Nov 30- Dec 2)

2012-01-10 CES 2012 in Las Vegas (Jan 10-13)

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