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Welcome to CrossTalk, a Telco-Broadband publication designed to provide you with timely, valuable information in a clear and simple format. Crosstalk strives to provide a centralized guide to the latest market research and technology advancements that allow our industry to stay competitive, reduce customer churn, and increase profitability. We will also provide updates on the latest developments here at Actiontec. We hope you enjoy this issue, and continue to look for our updates in the future. We also look forward to any feedback you may have on how we can make this newsletter more valuable to you.

Actiontec and Verizon Team Up for Complete Home Monitoring
Actiontec announced recently that its SG200 Service Gateway will be a central component of Verizon's Home Monitoring and Control Service. Officially launching this week, Verizon's new smart home service lets customers remotely check on their homes, control locks and appliances, view home-energy use more - all via smartphone, computer, or FiOS TV. The SG200 serves as an 802.11N WiFi access point and Z-Wave home control device, while also featuring dual USB 2.0 ports, a high-performance processor, and abundant memory. If you dare, you can see the SG200 Service Gateway in action in our terrifying Halloween Angry Birds-Actiontec Home Control video here.

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Comparing Low-Cost Broadband Access

What are the choices for broadband for low income households? In an effort to service this market segment, providers like Comcast and Century Link are now offering low-cost access to broadband, albeit at slow speeds of about 1.5 Mb per second, at $9.95 per month for qualifying households. AT&T, on the other hand, has partnered with a nonprofit organization called One Economy Corporation to provide free installation and discounts of at least 50% on one service to qualified residents of low income housing. TimeWarner Cable, meanwhile, does not offer a discounted rate for low income subscribers. However, they are expanding their TV Essentials package to more states. TV Essentials offers basic broadband service that features slower download and upload speeds, although AT&T have not listed any prices for the service.

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Nielsen Releases "State of the Media: The Social Media Report - Q3 2011"

Nielsen has announced a new study: "State of the Media: The Social Media Report - Q3 2011." Released in the form of a slideshow, the study provides insight into exactly how much influence social media has over consumer behavior, both online and offline. Nielsen found that social networks and blogs reach over 80% of active U.S. Internet users, and take up almost a quarter of time spent online. As such, Nielsen claims that it's important for traditional media, retailers, and advertisers to understand how consumers use and share content. Other findings include:
  • Almost 40% of social media users access social media content from their phone
  • Internet users over 55 are driving the growth of social networking
  • Social networking apps are the third most-used among smartphone owners

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Strategy Analytics Looks at LTE Marketing Strategies

According to Strategy Analytics's latest study, "Taking LTE to Market: LTE Marketing Messages and Pricing Approaches," leading mobile operators are working hard on their marketing and pricing to showcase their LTE services. With 75% of smartphone users attracted by faster speeds, mobile operators who are looking to offer new LTE handsets are honing their marketing messages and pricing tiers. Strategy Analytics has seen a range of pricing approaches, including introductory price discounts to encourage users to upgrade to 4G, and bundling larger data allocations with higher speeds in premium tiers. The report notes that nearly 75% of smartphone owners agree that a faster wireless network makes an operator or handset more attractive.

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Can Television Satisfy Your Web Viewing Habits?

The Diffusion Group recently released a new report, "Web Browsing from Top Consumer Electronics Devices: No Keyboard, No Mouse, No Problem?" In it, they found that a surprisingly large number of adult broadband users are viewing the web through nontraditional browsing devices. TDG based the study on a survey of 1500 adult broadband users to gauge their opinion of browsing from a television. They found that more than one third are already doing just that. According to the research, 10% of respondents use a smart TV browser to surf the Web, with a quarter of those using it at least once a day. TDG believes that as time goes on, consumers will use devices that are far better suited for web browsing, such as iPads and smartphones, separately and in combination with their television.

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TV Everywhere Finds Favor with Consumers

Parks Associates released a new study recently that found that 15% to 30% of broadband households in North America and Western Europe are interested in "TV Everywhere" solutions. The new study, titled "Digital Video: Three Screens and Beyond," discovered that among the countries surveyed, the UK has the highest level of interest in a "TV Everywhere" application. Meanwhile, in the United States, Netflix Watch Instantly is having a major impact on TV viewing trends, with 22% of all broadband households using the service. The study goes on to explain how providers can leverage TV Everywhere to increase net additions and entice pay-TV subscribers to consolidate mobile phone and Internet services.

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2011-10-24 4G World 2011 Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL (Oct 24-27)

2011-10-25 TelcoTV 2011 in New Orleans, LA (Oct 25-27)

2011-11-08 LTE North America 2011 in Dallas, TX (Nov 8-9)

2011-11-08 HomePlug Technology Conference & Members Meeting in San Francisco, CA (Nov 8-10)

2011-11-30 Media Innovations Summit in Santa Clara, CA (Nov 30- Dec 2)

2011-12-07 6th Annual Digital Living Room Summit and Venture Forum in San Francisco, CA (Dec 7-8)

2012-01-10 CES 2012 in Las Vegas (Jan 10-13)

2012-02-01 IT Expo East 2012 in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 4GWE Conference in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 M2M Evolution Conference in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 Super WiFi Summit East 2012 in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-01 Cloud Communications Expo in Miami, FL (Feb 1-3)

2012-02-12 NTCA 2012 Annual Meeting and Expo in San Diego, CA (Feb 12-15)
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