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Welcome to CrossTalk, a Telco-Broadband publication designed to provide you with timely, valuable information in a clear and simple format. Crosstalk strives to provide a centralized guide to the latest market research and technology advancements that allow our industry to stay competitive, reduce customer churn, and increase profitability. We will also provide updates on the latest developments here at Actiontec. We hope you enjoy this issue, and continue to look for our updates in the future. We also look forward to any feedback you may have on how we can make this newsletter more valuable to you.
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North American FTTH/FTTP Status - from RVA/FTTH Council
At the 2010 FTTH Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas, NV the third week of Septmeber 2010, the FTTH Council announced that 20 million homes in North America are capable of receiving "enormous levels of bandwidth" through fiber optic networks, which works out to more than 17% of total North American households. Additionally, of these 20 million homes, nearly 6.5 million receive Internet, television and/or voice services over fiber, an increase of nearly 650,000 from six months prior.

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The Rise of Apps Culture - from Pew Research
With their latest report, "The Rise of Apps Culture," Pew Research takes an in-depth look at how smartphone applications have changed the habits and use patterns of smartphone users. "An apps culture is clearly emerging among some cell phone users, particularly men and young adults," said Associate Director for Research at the Pew Internet Project Kristen Purcell. According to the report, 35% of adult cell phone user have apps, but only 2/3 of these actually use them.

The most popular apps are those that provide some form of entertainment, such as games, as well as mapping and navigation software, and weather and news apps.

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4G LTE Report - from Juniper Research

Juniper Research has released its overview of the near future of the 4G LTE industry. "4G LTE Hardware Opportunities" contains many interesting nuggets of information, including the prediction that LTE 4G-enabled netbooks and tablets will be used by up to 20% of LTE subscribers by 2015. Juniper feels that with 4G LTE's inherent advantages (high data rate, reduced latency), it will prove to be fertile ground for the purchase of new and upgraded devices, including tablets, game consoles, netbooks, and digital cameras.

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FTTH Equipment Vendor Ratings: Tier 1 & Tier 3 Service Provider Perspectives - from Infonetics Research

"FTTH Equipment Vendor Ratings: Tier 1 and Tier 3 Service Provider Prospectives" takes a look at the state of fiber-to-the-home industry as it matures. (Annual worldwide spending for FTTH ONTs is expected to grow from $825 million in 2009 to $3.3 billion in 2014 .) According to the introduction of this Infonetics Research whitepaper's, "This survey captures service providers' impressions of various FTTH ONT manufacturers. It also provides insights into the strengths and shortcomings of various ONT manufacturers' individual product offerings." It also named Occam, Calix, and Adtran as the top FTTH vendors, according to tier 3 operators.

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Uptake of Personal Health Tools & Services - from Parks Associates

Parks Associates continues their pioneering investigation into consumer trends concerning personal health technologies with their latest survey, "Uptake of Personal Health Tools & Services." According to their press release, the survey found that "consumer motivations for adopting home health monitoring include concerns they will be unable to accurately measure and track their loved one's vital signs," and that home monitoring could be a good solution to this problem. Another interesting point gleaned from the survey was that interest in personal health technologies was much greater in caregivers that it was in the patients themselves.

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2010-10-03 NTCA PR and Marketing Workshop in Dallas, TX (Oct 3-5)

2010-10-04 Smart Grid Summit in Los Angeles

2010-10-04 4G Wireless Evolution Conference in Los Angeles (Oct 4-6)

2010-10-05 Alternate Channels 2010 Fall Workshop in Cincinnati, OH (Oct 5-7)

2010-10-06 CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Francisco, CA (Oct 6-8)

2010-10-07 U.S. Broadband Regulation: What Will Happen Next and What It Means to Your Company, a FREE Webinar from IDC

2010-10-13 OSP Expo in San Antonio, TX (Oct 13-14)

2010-10-18 4G World in Chicago, IL (Oct 18-21)

2010-10-18 Grid Week in Washington DC (Oct 18-21)

2010-10-19 Remote 2010 Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX (Oct 19-20)

2010-11-09 TelcoTV in Las Vegas, NV (Nov 9-11)

2010-12-01 Grid Interop 2010 in Chicago, IL (Dec 1-3)

2010-12-06 Broadband Forum Fourth Quarter Meeting in San Francisco, CA (Dec 6-10)

2011-01-06 CES 2011 in Las Vegas (Jan 6-9)
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