WiFi VDSL2 Modem Routers

Pure Power, Inside and Out

Actiontec VDSL2 Modem Routers are some of the most robust routers available today. A powerful hardware platform (including a dual-core processors and copious amounts of memory) is matched with an equally impressive set of standard and optional features. Simply put, most other residential routers can’t keep up.

Featured Products

C1000A for CenturyLink
C1000A for CenturyLink

Fastest VDSL Speeds with Pair Bonded VDSL2+

These Pair Bonded VDSL2 modem routers propel through the Internet with incredible speed, featuring the extended reach and high bit rates of Pair Bonded VDSL2+. That translates into better performance for HD IPTV, online gaming, surfing the web, voice over Wi-Fi, media sharing, and any other high bandwidth applications.

HD IPTV and other High-Bandwidth Services

These WiFi routers propel through the Internet with incredible speed and thrive in triple-play and quad-play environments. With a robust hardware design and loads of in-home networking options, these routers can simultaneously support a wide range of demanding multimedia applications, including HDTV, standard TV, Voice over WiFi, media sharing, and online gaming.

Auto Fall Back to ADSL2+/2

Our VDSL2 modem routers also feature an “Auto Fall Back to single-line ADSL2+/2“ option to seamlessly operate on ADSL2+ and ADSL2 networks. This means you just have to offer one router for your DSL networks, today and tomorrow. And that means fewer SKUs and less inventory.

Gigabit Ethernet Built-in

Gigabit Ethernet is available on the LAN side. Supporting speeds up to 1000 Mbps, these models excel in a Fiber network where you can surf at incredibly high speeds.

802.11n Wireless Built-in

The Routers support 802.11n out of the box (as well as older wireless protocols). With blazing fast wireless N speeds, customers can do more faster, Also included is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, which further improves the wireless experience with better whole home coverage and fewer dead spots.

Remote Management

Give your customers the superior service and support they expect. Actiontec VDSL routers all support TR-069 to give technical support staff unparalleled remote management and troubleshooting powers.

Security for the 21st Century

These routers support the latest in wireless security, so users don’t have to worry about hackers, snoopers, or other security threats. Each router offers enterprise-level security, including a fully customizable firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection, denial of service protection, content filtering, and intrusion detection. WPA/WPA2 and WEP wireless encryption keep unwanted visitors from accessing the home network.

Award Winning

Complete Product Line

We provide a complete family of VDSL2 Modem Routers, both Bonded VDSL2 and regular VDSL2, so you can select the features and capabilities that are just right for you and your customers. For example, choose among the Pair Bonded Wireless N VDSL2 Modem Router with HPNA and Wireless N VDSL Modem Router.

How to Buy

Interested in learning more about how Actiontec's VDSL2 Modem Routers (including our VDSL2 Bonded Modem Routers) can give your customers a hassle-free, top-notch home networking experience? Contact us at broadband-sales@actiontec.com.