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200 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter (Next Gen)

Model #: HPE200AVP
Retail Catalog #: HLE20003-01P

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Powerline is not just for the end user.


Some other powerline networking kits have slightly better designs or features, but overall the Actiontec MegaPlug AV is a very good system that will stream your high-def video and games with ease.


Like other HomePlug AV kits, the Actiontec kit comes with a default encryption passphrase.


Though the passphrase-changing procedure is easy enough, the otherwise excellent quick-start guide forces you to go to the Web site for directions, rather than including them with the kit.


A connection running at 200 Mbps.


If your loved one is a gaming addict, then Actiontec's AV Powerline Gaming Kit provider will give you little adapters that turn any power outlet into an instant gaming network connection.


Not everyone has Ethernet outlets in each room and chances are the PC is far away from the aquarium. With the MegaPlug AV you just plug one adapter into any power outlet by your display tank and connect to your controller with an Ethernet cable. Take the other adapter in an outlet near your PC and connect to your computer with an Ethernet cord and you have an instant hi-speed Internet connection! Just as simple as plugging in a powerhead.


For the movie buff in your life, help them get their digital video recorders (DVR) online and give them access to video on demand, photo, video and file sharing, and even the ability to catch up on a basketball game or reality show from their PC.


"So you may be thinking, ?This is great, but how well does it actually work?? In my tests, I found the difference between being hardwired into a router, and the MegaPlug AV adapter to be none at all. When using my Xbox 360 on the MegaPlug AV kit, I could not tell any latency or speed decrease from what I am used to with my standard wired setup."


"The beauty of powerline data technology is that it allows devices to be connected without costly and frustrating retrofit wiring projects."


"Home theater owners and 'gadgeteers' can enjoy enriched content anywhere in the house ? in the family room, living room, bedroom, or office ? without having to string cumbersome Ethernet cables throughout the hallway, open up walls for an expensive rewiring project, or struggle with slow and spotty wireless connections."

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