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Wireless DSL Modem

Model #: GT724WGR
Retail Catalog #: GS583AD3B-01

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Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global integrated media company, today announced winners of the 2008 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


Actiontec Electronics is making it easier for smaller telcos to customize their DSL modems and to make deployment simpler for consumers.


Hoping to provide a software means to help better and faster configure DSL modems, Actiontec Electronics has developed a java application aimed at operators seeking to pre-provision specific device settings


"Coolest Feature...The built-in auto-configuration tool works with any type of computer or operating system. You can have your network up and running in minutes!"


"If you'd rather run your network with a one-box integrated solution that doesn't require advanced technical knowledge to string together, the Actiontec GT724WGR is likely beefier and more feature-rich than whatever your DSL provider might have shipped as a courtesy for your business."


If you?re a DSL user with a bad case of box clutter, here?s some good news for you. Another vendor is Actiontec launches new DSL modem/router combooffering a DSL modem/wireless router combo, combining two devices into one. Actiontec just announced that its new 54Mbps Wireless Modem (GT724WGR) is available in Best Buy and Fry?s Electronics stores, and will soon hit the virtual shelves of major online retailers.


Overall, the general home broadband gateway market is now substantial, currently reaching about $6 billion annually, according to Infonetics estimates. And the increasing impact of IPTV triple-play is clear. For example, Actiontec Electronics Inc. has pointed out that it sold 4 million residential gateways, modems, and routers during its first decade of business, and then 1 million broadband gateways in four months in early 2007, mainly for triple-play IP video applications with Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers.

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