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Actiontec's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We're committed to the world we live in and strive to minimize the environmental impact we have throughout the supply chain, from our suppliers to our operations and products. We established a formal Sustainability Program to lower our environmental footprint and reduce costs in multiple areas:

  • Water Saving: Based in California's Silicon Valley, we understand that water is a precious resource. The Sustainability Program calls for a 2% reduction in water consumption through high efficiency irrigation and plumbing, along with active employee participation. Corporate facilities have been updated to include low flow toilets and aerators.
  • Recycling and Reuse: As an electronics manufacturer, recycling is serious business, for both our operations and manufacturing supply chain. Through the Sustainability Program, our recycling goals are stringent: 90% paper recycling and reuse; 90% cardboard recycling and reuse; 90% scrap product recycling; 100% battery recycling; 100% fluorescence light tube recycling; 100% electronic waste recycling; and 90% plastic bottles, metal cans, containers recycling, and 40-70% recycled material for our packaging.
  • Energy Efficiency: The Sustainability Program calls for a 2% reduction in electricity consumption company-wide through a combination of: use of ENERGY STAR products, purchase of EPEAT certified computers, and employee conservation.

We publish an annual Sustainability Report that documents our environmental progress and sets new targets for the future. We hope our efforts not only minimize our own impact, but also serve as a model for other high-tech companies in the industry and raise the overall environmental awareness of our partners, clients, and community.

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