Actiontec Technology Leadership

Integrated MoCA Router

Bringing a broadband signal to the home is only half the picture. Consumers are less concerned with the broadband pipe connected to their home, but really care about the applications it enables: streaming an HD movie to a tablet while relaxing in the backyard, watching the latest on-demand movie in the bedroom or viewing Flickr photos on the large screen TV in the living room. For this reason, we offer innovative home networking solutions based on the latest MoCA standards to ensure subscribers make the most of their broadband experience.

We've been working with MoCA from the start. In fact, in 2006 we introduced the industry's first broadband router equipped with built-in MoCA support. Today, millions of residential consumers have Actiontec MoCA solutions running in their homes. We play an active role in the MoCA Alliance, and stay on the forefront of the latest MoCA standards and developments.