Actiontec Technology Leadership

IPTV and Microsoft Mediaroom

TV entertainment is no longer a passive experience. Over the past years, innovations have changed the way television content is distributed and consumed. Today's audience expects more flexibility and freedom when it comes to how they access their entertainment, what they watch, and where they watch it.

Microsoft Mediaroom is the most widely deployed IPTV platform. It extends the TV experience across all screens in subscriber's lives and enables the delivery of high-quality live TV and video on demand over IP network infrastructures.

We have worked closely with Microsoft from the start to ensure our solutions seamlessly integrate into a Mediaroom environment. Our company has been on the leading edge of gateway vendors in the Mediaroom environment. In fact, our work in interoperability testing with Microsoft began before a dedicated program for residential gateways was put in place. We've built a state of the art Microsoft Mediaroom test environment at our corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. By testing our gateways in a controlled IPTV production environment, we can ensure seamless and smooth deployments in the field.

Here's a sampling of our Microsoft Mediaroom firsts:

  • Actiontec was the first residential gateway vendor to obtain Mediaroom from Microsoft for interoperability testing.
  • Actiontec was the first gateway vendor to become a Mediaroom partner.
  • Actiontec was the first gateway vendor authorized to use the Mediaroom logo in commercial publications.