2019 Trends in Digital Medicine

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The age of digital medicine is here. We’ve seen continued growth in artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, telemedicine, and more medical wearables. According to a survey by Medical Design Technology, here’s what some industry experts have to say about 2019 key trends. We broke them down into bite-sized pieces:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning will improve clinical care and operations
  • AI in medical devices may offer a human-like diagnosis, though they will not be able to replace doctors or nurses.
  • AI will aid in and improve the odds of finding new drugs faster, and making them more affordable.


Big Data

  • Data will guide decision-making processes and workflows
  • Data-driven practice will benefit management range from quality improvement or reporting, to resource planning and expansion
  • Data-driven practice management can lead to operational cost savings, which can be reinvested into patient care


Medical Wearables

  • Devices will blur the lines between tech accessory and medical device.
  • Devices will include capabilities like measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, and more.
  • Medical devices and the software will come even closer to offering a human diagnosis.



  • More remote monitoring through wearable medical devices.
  • In-home diagnostic kits can allow patients to do simple tests like blood work or urine analysis.
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