3 Home Network Improvements for Faster Speeds

Jan 23, 2020Blog

A solid home network means fast WiFi and a strong connection, which is what we all want. No frustrating streaming experiences, failed downloads or dropped calls. To have this, you need a good WiFi signal.

When your WiFi network suddenly seems to be in a slump, what do you do? Turn to this checklist of tips to improve your WiFi signal right now.

A checklist for improving your home WiFi Signal

  1. Update your WiFi firmware
    Sometimes, all your router needs is an update. If you have a newer router, you can update the software from the backend settings. If your router is older, you might have to download the update manually and then install it on your own.
    But a different issue on hand is that if you have an old router, you should be upgrading to a new one, not only for faster speeds but for security reasons, too.
  2. Get on a better frequency
    Modern routers come with two different bands of frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. The difference is with speed and range. The 2.4GHz frequency channel gives you decent WiFi speed and it is the channel that allows you better range. The 5GHz frequency channel offers much faster speeds and less interferences, however it has a shorter range that confines you to the area your router is in.
    Depending on which is more important to you, speeds or portability, switching your router’s channel from 2.4GHz to 5GHz will improve your WiFi network speeds.
  3. Avoid WiFi repeaters
    WiFi repeaters are a no-go. If your router is sending out a weak signal, then all they are going to do for you is repeat the same weak WiFi signal throughout your home.  What you need is a WiFi extender. Once your router is placed in an optimal location in your home and your signal is boosted, the extender makes sure that the WiFi signal reaches every corner of your home.

Anything else?

Sure! There are a handful of things that you can do to make sure that you have fast WiFi speeds, a strong WiFi signal, and that your overall home network is running smoothly. But this checklist is a great place to start if you need a “quick fix” for improving your WiFi network right now.

Also, stay up to date on new tips and trends when it comes to improving your home network by following Actiontec’s featured Industry Articles or the Actiontec blog.

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