3 Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal in Minutes

Feb 26, 2020Blog

Everyone wants a quick fix solution. Most times, an instant fix is too good to be true. However, when it comes to boosting your WiFi signal quickly, there are a few things to try that will boost your WiFi signal within minutes:

1. Move your router

Always check your router first. It is the heart of your home network and without optimal performance, everything will suffer. If your WiFi signal is weak, your router might not be in its best location.

The best position for your router is central within your home or office space. Make sure that it is not blocked by any obstacles like thick walls or large metal objects.

Another proper placement is up off of the floor. If you can, make sure that your router is not tucked into a corner and down on the floor. This acts as an obstacle. So, while your router might not be your favorite home décor, it is important that it is prominently placed for all of your devices to seamlessly receive the WiFi signal.

2. Use WiFi extenders and adapters

WiFi extenders and adapters work as “wired” connection to make your WiFi signal stronger. A stronger signal means a stronger network. Both WiFi extenders and adapters are easy to set up and use. All you have to do is invest in a pair of either of the devices, plug one into an outlet near your router and the other near the device that you want to use.

Placing WiFi network extenders like Actiontec’s WiFi Extenders and MoCA Adapters and Extenders throughout your home helps shorten the distance between your WiFi devices. These devices establish a reliable wired connection delivering consistent speeds up to 1 Gbps. In turn, you get faster WiFi speeds, improved performance and better WiFi coverage overall.

3. Manage your WiFi network

When your WiFi network is managed you don’t need to worry about poor signal performance. With a platform like Optim Managed WiFi you can optimize your WiFi network performance. With a managed network, your WiFi performance is always monitored. If anything seems to dip, Optim is able to troubleshoot and get everything balanced without you having to do any of the work manually.

So, you have choices. One might work better for your network than another, or maybe you invest in all three options (never too prepared!). Whether your quick-fix option is re-positioning your router, plugging in extenders or adapters, or setting up WiFi management with Optim, all it takes is a few minutes to set yourself up to start seeing a boost in your WiFi signal. You can ask for Optim by name from your reputable internet service provider (ISP).

Want more quick tips on how to improve your WiFi performance throughout your home or office? Check-in regularly to Actiontec’s featured Industry Articles and the Actiontec blog for more information.

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