Actiontec Launches MyWirelessTV 2: HDTV Anywhere, without Wires

Wirelessly connect up to four HDTVs without sacrificing picture or sound quality

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — June 4, 2014 — Actiontec Electronics today announced MyWirelessTV 2, its latest advancement in wireless live TV technology at its lowest price point.

The Multi-Room Wireless HD Connection Kit replaces the expense and clutter of messy HDMI cables, allowing you to easily install an HDTV anywhere, wire-free, with virtually no latency. This HDMI cable replacement technology wirelessly connects HDTVs to most HDMI cable/satellite set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players and other media devices up to 100 feet away – across multiple rooms – all without sacrificing picture and sound quality.

Easy to use, MyWirelessTV2’s transmitter and receiver operate on standard 802.11 5GHz wireless and work right out of the box – no need to manually discover devices and pair. Setup takes just minutes for a true plug-and-play experience, supporting exceptional picture quality – including 1080p60 and 3D – as well as Blu-ray and DRM protected content. Unlike other solutions that require direct line-of-sight connections, MyWirelessTV2 works through walls and floors at distances up to 100 feet.

With no bulky, unsightly hardware, MyWirelessTV2 weighs less than a pound. Its small footprint and low profile ensures a clean, sleek AV setup in any environment: professional or residential. Customers can use their existing HDTV remote control in any connected room – no special remote controls required.

With the ubiquity of HDTV, MyWirelessTV2 delivers distinct advantages to many settings:
At home: Install HDTVs in multiple rooms and extend your HD signal from your cable or satellite set top box without the hassle of extra cables, the need to run and camouflage wires, or the expense and help of a technician. With its ability to mount and connect HDTVs throughout a residence, MyWirelessTV2 is perfect for home theatre as it’s compatible with HD projectors and AVR systems.

At the office:The wireless live TV technology allows businesses to connect HDMI devices in conference rooms, digital signs and information displays, the gym or lunchroom/cafeteria. MyWirelessTV2 can also be used to extend surveillance monitoring systems.

Pricing and availability
MyWirelessTV2 will be available in July through select retailers for $199.99 MSRP.

About Actiontec Electronics

Actiontec Electronics brings expertise and innovation to broadband solutions that let people around the world connect to their favorite content, when and how they choose. Our products – including whole home wireless solutions, wireless video and display devices, gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, and high speed VDSL gateways – are carried globally by some of the largest broadband carriers, retail and online stores. Actiontec was founded in 1993, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and has offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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