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Actiontec Unveils MyWirelessTV™ – A Line of wireless video HDMI Adapters Supporting Full 3D HD Video over WiFi with Minimal Latency

Actiontec partners with Cavium Networks to create high-performance wireless video HDMI adapters; lets consumers wirelessly distribute HD content to any display in any room

Las Vegas, NV (CES 2011) – January 4, 2011 – Actiontec Electronics today unveiled MyWirelessTV™, the world’s first family of multi-room wireless video HDMI adapters operating on the WiFi standard with virtually no latency. These breakthrough devices make the connected home experience simpler and more dynamic than ever – enabling consumers to stream 1080p60 Blu-ray quality HD video over a standard WiFi network in real time using a wireless video HDMI Transmitter and Receiver. With full support for whole-home, multi-room and multi-display connections, this new line of devices allows consumers to view HD content (including movies, pictures, games, and more) from any HDMI-enabled device to one or more displays in the home simultaneously. With MyWirelessTV, content is now available on any or every screen in the home. For example, users can play a Blu-ray movie from the living room to the bedroom, or surf the Web on any display no matter where the computer is located. “With more devices and HD displays located throughout homes today, consumers desperately need wireless connectivity. For most consumers, content is often locked to an individual device or room,” said Dean Chang, president and CEO at Actiontec Electronics. “With MyWirelessTV, consumers can finally stream high-definition content to any device in any room, without the clutter of wires, and without having to sacrifice performance or content quality.” “Most importantly, MyWirelessTV is the first whole-home distribution solution that’s priced for the everyday consumer,” Chang continued.

About MyWirelessTV™ MyWirelessTV is powered by WiVu(tm) technology from Cavium Networks, using the company’s PureVu(tm) video processors with Super Low Latency (SLL(tm)) technology, which deliver pristine 1080p 2D & 3D quality video and the industry’s lowest compression latency with full HD H.264 encoding and decoding. As a result, Actiontec’s wireless video HDMI adapters support a wide range of fully interactive, multi-room, and multi-display applications, including gaming. MyWirelessTV has been built from the ground up to support HD video over standard WiFi. It uses advanced video Quality of Service (QoS), dynamic rate adaptation, error resiliency and concealment technology, and dynamic bit-rate management to deliver robust multi-room wireless performance, even on high-traffic home networks. Unlike other proprietary solutions, Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV offers a fully standards-based platform -with support for the H.264 codec, HDMI 1.4 with HDCP 2.0 encryption, and the IP-based transport protocol-giving consumers a product that will be compatible with a greater range of devices today and in the future. Furthermore, MyWirelessTV is compliant with the official 802.11 WiFi standard, allowing seamless connectivity across the home network. Each MyWirelessTV kit comes with a transmitter and receiver. Users simply connect the transmitter to any HDMI-enabled set-top box, gaming console, Blu-ray player, or other device and then connect the receiver to any HDMI-enabled display in the home. And that’s it. They can instantly begin streaming HD video from up to 150 feet away. MyWirelessTV standalone receivers will also be available for users with computers and other sources that have PureVu™ technology onboard, allowing them to stream content directly from these sources to any HDMI capable display. MyWirelessTV will be available for customer shipments in Q2 2011.

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