Amazon Fire TV Now Connects Instantly to Your Wi-Fi

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Fire TV

These days, most people know some kind of frustration when having to setup a media player. Usually this revolves around entering a password to connect to Wi-Fi or to a streaming service. The entire process is tedious, having to use a remote to click through a keypad, hoping you don’t make a mistake along the way. Sound familiar?

Manually entering passwords may be a thing of the past. Amazon recently released an update with its Fire TV devices that will make the Wi-Fi setup simple. In fact, when you connect the Fire TV to your Amazon account, the new Fire TV hardware is designed to automatically connect to your Wi-Fi when it detects the network.

The simple setup feature is similar to devices like the newest Echo speakers and Smart Plug, which instantly connect to a user’s network via the password saved in the user’s Amazon account. Using the simple setup feature requires at least one other simple setup device and an Amazon account.

The update is available for consumers that already own a Fire TV. However, the update was primarily designed for people to buy a new Fire TV directly from Amazon, which includes the new Fire TV hardware and pre-assigns you an Amazon account.

The major benefit of this new feature is instant connection without typing in a password time and time again. Instant password connection could make life a little easier, especially if you have multiple Fire TVs.

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