ASUS ROG Makes High-Spec Gaming Phone for PUBG

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

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With the arrival of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile devices, gaming smartphones have become a no-brainer for brands that want to break into the crowded smartphone world. The Razer Phone is already on the market, but ASUS thinks it can up the stakes with the ROG Phone; their first-ever gaming smartphone.

This gaming phone comes with many winning features and accessories. Some of which include: boosted CPU clock speed at 2.96GHz, 8GB of RAM, a USB port that keeps the cord out of your way, an external cooling fan that clips to the back and an optional handheld dock that adds a second screen to the phone. All of these aim to deliver the best gaming experience from the palm of your hand.

With everything it has in-store, it will be interesting to see how the ROG Phone takes to the market later this year when price and launch date are announced sometime in Q3.

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