Back-to-School Planning: Does Your Plan Include Parental Controls?

Aug 20, 2020Blog

Whether or not your school is re-opening during this time, a new school year always requires planning. For schools that re-open and families that choose to return, school Wi-Fi will cover those students. However, for many schools that have decided to remain closed and families that are deciding to keep children home, this school year will continue virtually.

Planning for a virtual school year during the COVID-19 era is crucial. Your plan is what determines how successful the school year will be…at least from the school access standpoint. It is in your control how great your home Wi-Fi can be. And online schooling requires solid Wi-Fi to make sure that your child(ren) can attend online classes, complete online classes and finish schoolwork from home.


MoCA Makes Your Wi-Fi Ready for Online School

For at-home schooling, your home Wi-Fi must be robust enough to handle video calls. Otherwise, taking classes online will be impossible. Or, if not impossible, incredibly frustrating. If you are a parent, chances are you are also working from home while your child(ren) are doing school from home.

MoCA technology, like MoCA network adapters, helps make your home Wi-Fi faster and stronger. In other words, school-proof. When you have a MoCA setup in your home and connect a MoCA adapter to your work laptop and/or your child(ren)’s school laptop or device, it won’t matter if everyone is using the same Internet network at once or not.

Because prepping for school at home requires fast Wi-Fi, a reliable wired solution like MoCA will be your best friend all year long. Another thing to plan is like how to have safe Wi-Fi for your kids while spending a whole day online. And you can achieve that but investing in a system that offers Parental Controls for your Wi-Fi network. 


Managed Wi-Fi Makes Virtual School Better & Safer

School plus work plus entertainment will eat up a lot of bandwidth on your home Wi-Fi network. Multiple people connecting to the same network at the same time can cause major congestion and really slow down your Internet connection. You can control this with MoCA like we said above, but also by using a managed Wi-Fi solution like Optim. Optim makes sure there are clear channels for optimal connection for the devices that need it most.

Not only is traffic congestion a concern, but also making sure that your child(ren) can pay attention and learn. That means helping to reduce online distractions. You can do this by using Parental Controls through Optim.

Setting up parental controls on your home Wi-Fi network through a system like Optim allows you to:

  1. Control all devices and content access
  2. Set time limits on daily Internet usage
  3. Customize your home network

This gives you control on your child(ren)’s internet access during school hours and keeps them safe while connected to the internet all of the time. Optim’s advanced security also gives your protection from things like:

  • Browsing and privacy protection
  • Unwanted tracking
  • Device recognition
  • Virus and botnet protection

All things you and your child(ren) could encounter while online, especially in video platforms.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but you can plan ahead and try to make this virtual school year as smooth as possible by boosting your home Wi-Fi network. For more on MoCA, check out Actiontec’s Complete Guide to MoCA. Optim is available from reputable Service Providers.  Ask for Optim by name.  Looking for more parental controls tips or more content like this? Check out Actiontec’s Industry Articles and the Actiontec blog.

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