AI and Voice Commands Coming to Home Security

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments

Lighthouse, based out of Palo Alto, California, is developing a new kind of home security camera, one that is smarter. Integrating voice control technology with AI, Lighthouse brings more intelligence to the WiFi camera market.

Primarily an AI company, Lighthouse is hoping to become the Alexa of the home camera industry.

Alex Teichmann and Hendrik Dahlkamp, both with backgrounds in self-driving cars, started Lighthouse in 2015 to use that technology in other sectors.

A New Level of Security

Teichmann and Dahlkamp have lofty goals for this new smart camera. The intention is for the camera to record only when it senses movement. Built-into the device is facial recognition software, and you can assign names to match up with the faces. You can use natural language to ask the camera to show you video for specific times of day, based on when certain people were home. It can also distinguish between household pets and other animals, and when the kids are just messing around versus a burglar intruding.

This level of specificity and artificial intelligence justifies its $300 price tag.

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