The television industry has been beset by bad news for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. DSL Reports piles on with a new article that sources a Bernstein Research study, noting that broadcast viewing dropped 9% during the week of November 17 of this year. As if that’s not dreary enough, Bernstein also reported that television viewing by children dwindled even more, dropping 12% in the week mentioned. This result lines up with the quarter-to-date results, which show a 15% drop in the same age group. Tellingly, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel viewership dropped by nearly a quarter during this time frame.

The cause? Some analysts note that children don’t have to watch the latest episode of their favorite shows, and are often satisfied with reruns. Others find that youngsters are not as beholden to a particular channel, network, or even viewing device. Unsurprisingly, these factors favor content providers like Netflix, which offer large libraries of shows and the ability to watch on a variety of devices. Consider Netflix’s ambitions for global domination in the context of the current trend. For the future of entertainment, content and consumers (today’s children) are king.

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