In a move that shadows HBO’s recent a la carte play, CBS announced that it will offer Showtime, its premium-content channel, to consumers as an online-only subscription service starting in 2015. The question now is, as reported in Tom’s Guide, which premium channel powerhouse will be the next one to separate itself from the comforting embrace of the cable industry?

The article targets AMC as a likely candidate. With nationally-known hit series such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men, AMC finds itself every bit as critically acclaimed as its more well-known cable brethren. The channel also has a far more enlightened philosophy when it comes to making episodes of its top shows available online, placing them on Netflix shortly after they air (Showtime has no shows available on Netflix, while HBO has only recently deigned to allow older episodes on Amazon’s Prime service). The only real downside for AMC is cost; as more premium content comes online, consumers will have the ability to decide what to watch based on price: if you subscribe to HBO, Netflix, and Showtime, do you really want to shell out the extra scratch every month for AMC, as well? Only time will tell.

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