Connect to Uber or Lyft with Your New Smart Jacket

by | May 25, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

smart jacket

It seems that Google forgot to tell everyone about their project Jacquard, a Levi’s brand smart jacket with Google commands and services baked in.

Wearable Tech

Although, Google didn’t mention it in their recent developer conference, the Levi’s Commuter smart jacket is getting a sweet update. By tapping on the cuff of the new jacket, users activate a connection between Uber and Lyft and are alerted that their rides have arrived. This new feature is called a Snap Tag and will also light up and vibrate for alerts. However, you cannot call Uber or Lyft directly from the jacket; just receive updates on the progress and arrival of your ride.

Other included features include location tagging and turning on and off noise cancelation for Bose headphones. They also come with a promise from Google to update iOS and Android apps along with the smart garment.

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