Cox Communications, which was the first cable company to promise gigabit services back in 2014, recently announced a rollout of the faster Internet service in various parts of the country, including Phoenix, AZ; Orange County, CA; Omaha, NE,;and Las Vegas, NV. The company also touted its gigabit expansion into Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Virginia, all scheduled for debut this summer.

Not one to be left behind, Comcast was also in the gigabit news lately. The cable behemoth introduced its Gigabit Home Gateway, which supports DOCSIS 3.1 and will allow gigabit speeds over legacy hybrid fiber coax networks. Comcast said the new gateway will support video, Wi-Fi, and smart home services, while integrating PowerCloud, a new service that allows users to control the amount of Wi-Fi bandwidth being allocated to different devices. The Gigabit Home Gateway is expected to be available in early 2016.

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