Cricket Data-Only Plans

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Recently, Cricket Wireless began offering a data-only plan to its subscribers called the “Simply Data” plan. Cricket devices like mobile hotpots and tablets support these new plans.

Simply Data is available in three options, starting at $25. The three tiers of the plan are:

  • 3GB data for $25
  • 10GB data for $35
  • 30GB data for $70

Each data-only plan comes with high-speed data at 4G LTE speeds, unlimited text and picture messaging across the US, and high-speed browsing, streaming and downloading.

For more data, Cricket offers two different data add-ons. A subscriber can pay $5 for an additional 2GB and $10 for 5GB.


Details on the Data-Only Plans

The data-only plans include nationwide 4G LTE on AT&T’s network. Subscribers can expect speeds up to 8Gbps, DVD-like quality video streaming, high-resolution content and unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.

The downside of the data-only plans is that there will not be any voice service (phone calls) or international messaging. Also, by using high-resolution content, users can go through data quickly.

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