ESPN to Launch a Streaming App

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments

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ESPN will launch a new streaming video service app on April 12th. Over the past couple of years, ESPN has lost over 11 million subscribers to cord cutting. Despite the writing on the wall, ESPN ignored the signs and even sued cable companies that offered subscribers cheaper “skinny” bundles. They also fired veteran employees rather than management who ignored the problem.

The App

ESPN+ will include hundreds of MLB, MLS, and NHL games along with thousands of college sporting events. Subscribers will also have streaming access to Grand Slam Tennis, PGA TOUR Golf, and other sports specials.

ESPN described their new app as “the premier all-in-one digital sports platform for fans.”

However, according to a recent survey, the new ESPN offering may not be what fans are looking for. 56% of subscribers reported that they would dump ESPN to avoid having to pay the $8/month fee. Users went on to explain that they would prefer streaming access to ESPN’s core channel lineup.

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