ESPN’s New $5 Service May Be a Hard Sell

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments

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ESPN will soon be offering a paid service for $5/month. However, viewers do not get your hopes up. This will not include things like NFL, NBA games or college football matchups. Mainly what five dollars a month will buy you is “thousands of hours of live programming” not available on ESPN channels.

ESPN has been talking about this service since 2016 and now has plans to roll it out this year. How well viewers will receive this product is not yet known. There is some doubt amongst sports enthusiasts that this product will offer anything of value to subscribers.

What is Included

So far Disney has yet to provide all the details about this new paid subscription service but has commented that initially, it will not carry “real” ESPN coverage. What that means is not clear.

This new paid service will carry the moniker of ESPN Plus. This add-on service will provide users with access to ESPN programming if you are already a “real” ESPN subscriber.

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