FCC Keeps Internet Speeds Fast

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments


With Net Neutrality “behind us”, many feared that the FCC would lower the minimum speeds for broadband. A new report allays those fears. The FCC decided to define fixed broadband as a connection with 25 megabits down and 3 megabits upstream.

There had also been concerns about the possibility of merging mobile and fixed broadband with respect to internet “availability” throughout the country. The quality of these types of Internet connections can be vastly different. If only one were required, many underserved areas would be considered “adequately connected.”  Thankfully the FCC decided to keep them separate.

Tech Crunch quoted Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, “I’m glad that the FCC has backed away from its crazy idea to lower the broadband speed standard. But it defies logic to conclude that broadband is being reasonably and timely deployed across this country when over 24 million Americans still lack access.”

The full report will come out soon.

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