Fitbit and Google Cloud Will Share Information With Doctors

by | May 7, 2018 | Blog, News | 0 comments


Earlier this year, Google decided to get into healthcare in a big way by launching its Cloud for Healthcare platform. Along with it, they developed an API for partners to store, manage and share healthcare data with physicians.

Riding on the heels of Google’s unveiling, Fitbit announced last week they will take advantage of the platform. They intend to use it to cement Fitbit’s legitimacy in the world of health tracking.

Putting Together the Pieces

Google’s earlier teaming with the Stanford School of Medicine and this latest partnership with Fitbit should help push forward their venture into healthcare in a serious way.

Their long-term goal is to store volumes of health tracking data that doctors can access and combine that with medical records for a complete picture of the patient’s overall health.

So far there is no hard and fast timeline for when this system will be operational.

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