Gmail is Making Your Work-Day Easier With A Ton of New Features

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Gmail just got the most significant update in years. On April 25th, Google launched a new version of Gmail with dozens of helpful new features designed to give users more control over their email and how they communicate with others.

The List Goes On

One of the most significant features is being able to take actions while hovering over messages in your Inbox. Actions, like deleting, marking as read and archiving are but a click away with the new interface. You can even choose to snooze and have email re-alert you later.

Google knows you have urgent business and has also included a nice “nudging” feature where they use AI technology to interpret messages as important and remind you to reply.

Although there are many other features included in this major update, one of the nicest is the “confidential mode,” allowing users control over how long the email will last before self-destructing. It also prevents users from forwarding, copying, pasting, or printing the email to secure your privacy.

If you want to read the full list of all the cool features, you can review them here.

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