A new infographic from Mobile Future shows how mobile devices can become an embedded part of the classroom experience.


The graphic shows that in one algebra course, a larger percentage of students who used tablets scored as proficient or better than did those who used textbooks. There’s further evidence of this trend from students at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, N.Y., who are in their second year of schooling in an all-digital learning environment. The school eliminated paper textbooks in 2013, adopting tablets and a digital library. Since the shift, some students said their grades have improved.


However, getting new tech into schools can be problematic. According to eSchoolNews, funding remains the main obstacle when it comes to updating schools’ infrastructure and installing high-speed broadband access. A full 60% of surveyed districts said funding is their biggest challenge when it comes to meeting the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) short-term goal of 100 Mbps/1,000 students. Twenty-seven percent of districts said not a single school in their district could meet the FCC’s short-term goal, while just 9% said they have enough bandwidth to support online assessments and digital content.

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