Alphabet and Tesla Offer Technology to Help Puerto Rico

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Google’s ‘Project Loon’, which is developing solar-powered balloons to beam internet signals towards the earth may assist in the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Earlier last week, Google indicated that ‘Project Loon’ is more than just a project. It has been incorporated as ‘Loon Inc.’, under it’s parent company – Alphabet.

High-speed internet would be transmitted up to the nearest balloon from their telecommunications partner on the ground, relayed across the balloon network, and then back down to users on the ground.

In the  future, this project has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue from around the world. In the meantime, having technology like Loon could be a blessing for the places affected by calamities such as the one in Puerto Rico.

For this reason, Loon Inc. has filed for a special temporary authority from the FCC to provide relief to Puerto Rico.

High-speed internet is increasingly considered as a necessity and not a luxury. Even after a month in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, more than 90% of locals still don’t have access to electricity and over 80% don’t have access to wireless connectivity.

Space X is also in the pursuit of providing high speed internet by using low-orbit satellites that beam signals to the earth. In the case of this calamity, Elon Musk of Tesla has expressed interest in rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Power Grid with renewable solar energy.

Since a lot of Puerto Rico’s electrical and communications infrastructure have been destroyed by this hurricane, both Google and Space X have the opportunity to rebuild these 2 systems with a newer and more sustainable technologies.

These ideas sound promising in theory, but only time will tell how they will play out in the real world.

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