Google is Cracking Down on Chrome Extension Developers

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Last year, Google banned installing Chrome extensions from any third-party sites. Now, Google is cracking down again on extension developers and their installation tactics and misleading marketing campaigns in the Chrome browser. Even if users eventually land on the official Chrome Web Store where the proper information about an extension is listed, developers will still be penalized for the abused tactics to get the user there.

Google released new rules that extension developers must follow, or their Chrome extensions will be removed from the Chrome Web Store.

Here are the rules Chrome extension developers must follow. Extensions will be banned from the Chrome Web Store for doing the following:

  1. Failing to offer a clear disclosure to users on what they can expect by installing the Chrome extension.
  2. Using misleading disclosures or explanations for the extension’s purpose.
  3. Hiding disclosures in large blocks of text, far down on the page or as fonts that are unreadable.
  4. Tricking users into downloading a Chrome extension by disguising it as a form or button for something else.
  5. Using iframes to show a portion of the extension’s Web Store page on a remote site, but only enough to show misleading text, overwriting the original Chrome Web Store description.

In other words, if the extension developer abuses tactics and marketing, leading their Chrome extension to trick users into installing it, it’s out.

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