Google Wants Better Integration for Android and Chromebook

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

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At the Google I/O conference earlier this month, the company brought up a new vision for how Android smartphones and Chrome OS work. For now, Google labelled it “OneChrome.” Think: Apple MacBook and iPhone.

There are no set changes yet, just some ideas floating around. Here are what some of the changes could look like for users with Google’s desktop and mobile operating systems working better together:

  • Click a phone number on a Chromebook, and it calls from the Android phone.
  • Sharing Wi-Fi passwords between devices.
  • Universal clipboard feature.

Chrome OS already runs Android apps, but there isn’t a completely seamless integration between the devices like Apple does with its devices, yet. If these changes go live, they would be completely encrypted, since Android and Chrome OS have end-to-end connection. However, it could be a while before these changes actually happen.

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