The Wi-Fi Alliance reports that its current test plan (LTE-U/Wi-Fi Convergence) is making progress. The Alliance has been working on the project since last year, and one of the roadblocks has been its difficulty getting all interested parties to reach a consensus. However, Wi-Fi Alliance officials claim that progress is being made, despite the technical specification culture clash between the IEEE and 3GPP.

One of the major challenges facing the Wi-Fi Alliance is determining whether or not the impact of an LTE-U node on Wi-Fi users is any worse than that of another Wi-Fi network. The Alliance has created a task group to develop a plan to test LTE-U devices for interference, but the group was bogged down by the inability for stakeholders to agree on the particulars of signal level tests. Meanwhile, manufacturers are itching to get LTE-U products out on the market, but the cable industry continues to insist on making sure that there are no problems between LTE-U and traditional Wi-Fi.

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