Gigabit service is no longer a venue solely occupied by the largest broadband providers servicing only the biggest markets in the United States. LightReading reports on a number of mid-sized domestic cable operators who have announced plans to offer gigabit in places other than densely populated urban centers.

Among the players: Wave Broadband, which serves 400,000 customers in northern California, Oregon, and Washington, announced a gigabit rollout to subscribers outside of Seattle; MidContinent, based in the Northern Plains States, plans to offer 1-Gig service to all of its subscribers; and others, such as Cox Communications and Suddenlink Communications. Most of these service providers are moving to gigabit in reaction to the continual growth of bandwidth use among their customers. Said Jon Pederson, VP of Technology at MidContinent: “Consumption doubles every 15 months and I don’t see it slowing down.”

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