Intel hosted its Developer Forum in San Francisco recently, and one of the nuggets to come out of it was the prospect of more fully developed wireless computing. According to an article in PC World, Intel’s reference design for its “Skylake” platform (the 2015 version of the Core processor) provides for wireless docking, wireless display, and, most interestingly, wireless charging. Intel’s wireless charging efforts revolve around the Rezence power transfer technology and is based on magnetic resonance, which the company chose for its convenience and flexibility.


Also in the pipe is WiDi 5.0, a long-range wireless display connection, and WiDi Pro (for use in office environments needing additional security).


Finally, Intel took the wraps off of WiGig, their docking technology that can wirelessly connect to displays, storage devices, and other peripherals. According to Intel, WiGig is a short-range, but very fast piece of tech, with transfer rates up to three times as fast as 802.11ac.

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