Comcast is reportedly close to introducing its new business Wi-Fi product that will challenge existing telco commercial installations. Named WiFi Pro, the service will “will give businesses the ability to design, deploy and manage WiFi services all from a web-based app,” while also allowing the configuration of both private and guest Wi-Fi networks, control of bandwidth allocation, and other administrative services.

Managed Wi-Fi services is growing into a lucrative market. Some forecasters believe that revenues could exceed $2.5 billion worldwide within three years, compared to $653 million in 2014. This kind of growth is attracting the attention of cable operators, whose Ethernet and other fixed-line data services dovetail nicely with managed Wi-Fi. In that vein, Comcast also recently announced that they will target Fortune 1000 companies with support for managed services in Ethernet, voice, router, security, and business continuity, as well as Wi-Fi.

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