In a recent interview with Light Reading, Colin Bannon, CTO of British Telecom (BT) Wholesale, sees the emerging fixed broadband technology as a huge boost for his company. “The economic model is a game-changer for us,” Bannon noted. “ will enable BT to offer better, faster services sooner.” was initially regarded as a technology that one day would deliver up to gigabit speeds over copper tail connections at distances of less than 100 meters. But now, trials have shown that delivers up to 500 Mbit/s across several hundred meters of copper wire, making the technology suitable for many neighborhoods.


This breakthrough could save companies like BT billions of dollars in infrastructure costs, as they wouldn’t have to lay fiber all the way to the home. BT says that about 90,000 street cabinets in the UK are ready for today, and others that aren’t could be upgraded for much less than the cost of installing fiber. Bannon went on to note that may well be fertile ground for other technologies, such as virtualized network functions (VNFs).

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