Quality Vs Quantity Concept

With broadband speeds continuing to accelerate, providers will soon have to try and differentiate themselves in ways other than touting faster connections. One of these methods should be developing an improved user experience. Solutions for common problems like dropped connections, dead spots in the customer home or office, intermittent service, and data traffic slowdowns are areas where competing companies can stand out from the crowd. 

Some parallels exist between the state of the broadband industry today, and the competitive video market of the recent past. As the video market became more crowded, companies began to take customer service more seriously in an effort to get a step ahead of their rivals. Similarly, Internet providers can distinguish themselves by going the extra mile for their customers, whether by offering seamless home or office networking, intuitive self-service tools on a web portal, or simply charging less for gigabit speeds. Great content and fast connections will not be enough; superior customer service must be provided to ensure success.

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