After more than 60 years, the annual cable trade show INTX has ceased to be. For much of its life, INTX was simply known as “The Cable Show,” until industry mavens decided that cable was a bad word freighted with negative connotations and changed the name of the confab to “The Internet and Television Expo.” Much of the blame of the demise of INTX can be laid on dwindling attendance numbers, combined with greater attention being paid to more profitable and exciting sectors, such as wireless, IoT, and smartphones and other mobile devices.

 A top cable lobbyist tried to put a positive spin on the news, declaring that there are better ways to advance the cable industry than through holding an annual trade show. “We believe large trade show floors, dotted with exhibit booths and stilted schedules have become an anachronism,” the lobbyist noted. “Contemporary venues emphasize conversation, dialog, and more intimate opportunities to explore and interact with technology. Ending INTX gives us a clean slate and we are excited to explore presenting our industry in new and different ways.”

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