LIberty’s Malone Suggests Comcast, Charter and Cox Buy T-Mobile

by | Feb 1, 2017 | News | 0 comments

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John Malone, Liberty Media’s Chairman, recently said the top three cable companies could team up to purchase T-Mobile US.

Malone made the statement at a Lion’s Gate Entertainment Corp event last week. He added, “One could contemplate in a Trump administration Comcast and Charter could merge.”

Unfortunately, the three cable companies mentioned by Malone would not comment on his speculation.

Malone’s statements timed nicely with the inauguration of President Trump. All signs point to a deregulatory climate, and these changes could spark further consolidation within the telecom industry.

On another note, Malone also commented that he had sold off more companies in his storied career than he has acquired. “I’d be bigger than Warren Buffett today if I hadn’t spun s* off,” he stated. “My goal has always been to maximize long-term shareholder wealth.”

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