By 2018, the state of New York plans to make certain that every one of its citizens has a high-speed Internet connection. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “High speed Internet access has become an essential ingredient of any strong economy.” This is part of the impetus behind the “New NY Broadband Program.” The $500 million program plans to leverage “the state’s investment in the best way and fulfills its goal of providing access to high speed Internet … in every corner of this state.”

This movement is in part a reaction to local providers’ hesitance to upgrade their DSL services, resulting in cable monopolies on higher-speed services. The proposal, still in its nascent stages and being developed with the help of municipal leaders and other stakeholders, would use a variety of solutions, including public/private partnerships, to ensure that all New York citizens have access to broadband speeds of at least 100 Mbps.

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