Over-the-top video has become a must-have for millions of people, and its continuing development will only make it that much more indispensable to millions more. One step forward in this march is the availability of universal search, which Apple recently announced with its new Apple TV. Universal search is also available with Google Fiber and TiVo devices. Speaking of TiVo: the company is expected to include 4K capability in their next generation set-top box, the TiVo Bolt.

Other companies in the market continue to push the envelope. Hulu, Netflix’s digital content rival, announced they would remove commercials from their broadcasts for $4 a month more than a regular monthly subscription fee. Comcast, meanwhile, has shown off an early version of Watchable, a service the company describes as a combination of YouTube and Hulu. And finally, Verizon is close to launching its own OTT service, dubbed Go90. As these last two developments show, even established telcos understand that online video is a cornerstone of future success in this space.

The question for many providers is how the home network will scale to the increasing bandwidth demands brought on by OTT.

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