The Uncable Round Up: Hulu and Netflix Take Online Entertainment to the Next Level

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Hulu News

Just last week, Hulu began sending out highly-coveted invites for a beta test of its impending live TV service.

Cord Cutter News reported that the live beta test will be limited to just 100 testers and that the app is an early version.

Hulu has not confirmed when its live TV app will launch, but the invite does lend some street-cred to recent comments about the service launching in a month or so.

Hulu’s CEO, Mike Hopkins, spoke earlier this month at an investor conference and said the initial pricing would be under $40 a month. He also confirmed reports that Hulu was partnering with CBS on a distribution deal.

Hulu also announced its live TV service will come bundled with a full-featured cloud based DVR and will include full access to Hulu’s $8/month on-demand library.

Per a recent report by Mashable, the service will ask new customers a series of questions to create an entertainment profile. Once complete, the app will create a custom landing page with relevant entertainment options.

The new service will also offer mobile alerts for sports fans and provide a heads-up if a game gets exciting. In addition, the service will let consumers save live recordings for later viewing.

In other Hulu news, Hulu also revealed it has been working on a service that will enable customers to download content for offline viewing.

Hulu was rather vague about when downloading will be available, only stating the feature is “on the roadmap.”

Speaking this week at a mobile event held at the University of California at San Francisco, Smith said, “We’re working on it, and we’re not alone. We’ll get there, for sure, in our industry.”

Netflix News

Netflix reported substantial growth in Q4, outpacing its projections and adding more than 7 million new subscribers.

The new subscriber number exceeded the 5.59 million Netflix garnered a year ago in Q4. In all, Netflix exploded in 2016 with over 19 million new subscribers, brining its total subscriber count to almost 94 million.

Looking ahead, Netflix is predicting it will add 5.2 million new subscribers in Q1 of 2017.

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