Verizon, according to an FCC filing the company made recently, has replaced its copper distribution and loop facilities with fiber at two locations in New York City. The move is a continuation of Verizon’s ongoing ambitions in converting its customers from copper to fiber over the next few years. The benefits of the conversion are twofold: for Verizon, it can reduce the space needed for its facilities, while for customers (especially those using only plain old telephone services [POTS]), access to FiOS TV and broadband data services can finally be offered.

The latter is definitely the case in NYC. Most of the customers affected by the transition are primarily using POTS, and although the service provider’s initial plan is to continue to offer the lower-tier service, the possibility of upgrading to broadband seems inevitable. Unfortunately, the company cannot promise the same to customers still using legacy DS0 (digital signal 0) services, as these are incompatible and not available over a fiber-based connection. Verizon did vow to “…work closely with (DS0) customers to address their particular needs.”

Get ready for faster Internet, NYC.

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