Verizon recently filed a request with the FCC for a waiver regarding text telephony, a step in offering Wi-Fi calling service. The waiver exempts the company from having to comply with the “TTY” rules for the hearing impaired. TTY, a technology that has been around in some form for 50 years, is not compatible with IP-enabled wireless services, and Verizon is working hard on its successor, RTT (real-time text) for IP-enabled services and networks that support VoLTE and Voice over WiFi.

Rival operator AT&T received a similar waiver recently after complaining that its competitors, Sprint and T-Mobile, had already launched their versions of Wi-Fi calling services without abiding by TTY-related regulations. AT&T’s waiver is set to expire on that last day of 2017, “or upon the effective date of rules providing for alternative IP-based wireless accessibility solutions, whichever is earlier.”

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