Deflated Football TV Screen Beer and Chips

Regardless of who wins this Sunday, cord cutters can claim another victory, as this will be the fourth consecutive year that the Super Bowl will be streamed online for free. CBS is broadening the range of devices on which users can view the game, as well. adding Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku players. Viewers on Windows 10 devices and Xbox One will also be able to experience the action from different camera angles than that of the normal broadcast. Additionally, Super Bowl 50 will be available on, for those who want watch on their computer or tablets, while Verizon Wireless smartphone users can watch on the NFL Mobile app.

“We find that people are interested in having the game wherever they want it and at any time,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Sports Digital. “The demand is there and consumers are expecting more.” Another bonus: for the first time, every national Super Bowl commercial can be viewed via streaming. In past years, only select commercials were available for streaming. 

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