Paying For Stuff With Your Body?

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cashless, cashierless stores

Tech analysts theorize that soon we will be able to pay for everything without carrying cash or credit cards. Companies like Amazon and MasterCard are already working on cashierless stores and options for payment using biometrics.

We already can make payments using our cell phones and watches, but soon we may be making payments using the veins in our hands, our voices in the car, and even through our appliances.

The Future is Now

Although this futuristic world where customers make payments seamlessly may seem far off, it is probably closer than we think. To be sure, the ease of making purchases will be convenient. But a big downside is it will also make it easier for consumers to spend spend spend their paychecks more quickly.

All of this magic will happen through the convergence of artificial intelligence (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Biometrics are already being employed in various payment arenas.

Recently Amazon opened an Amazon Go store in Seattle where customers check in using a QR code then pick up what they want and walk out. They never even have to check out. Their purchases are automatically deducted from their account. Is this the future of modern shopping?

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